Saturday, April 14, 2007

WIP Interruptus

Soooo....don't get me wrong. I looove my Central Park Hoodie...and I'm getting quite far on it. HOWEVER, with the new warm weather, I've started getting a little tired of knitting this big woolen cardigan that I can't wear for at least six months. Because of that, I've put it aside for a while. I will absolutely finish it -- there isn't a doubt in my head, but I really wanted to start on something that I can wear this summer.

So, I realized that I still had this gem in my stash:

..this is a 100% Egyptian cotton yarn by Classic Elite. It has since been discontinued, but I have about 900 yards of it. The best part? The yarn was 100% free to me. My mom got it while yard-sale'ing with my Aunt Mabel in Boston. I have a bunch of it, actually, but the most I have in one single color is in this pretty purple. The color is actually much deeper than it looks in this picture. Anyhoo -- I decided that I definitely had enough for a summer top.

What pattern did I decide on? Well, if you recall, I recently purchased the book DomiKNITrix: Whip your knitting into shape by Jennifer Stafford. While flipping through, I found this:

(sorry about the poor picture quality -- this book doesn't photograph well, I think because of the matte pages)

...and it is PERFECT. I got gauge on size 8's, and I immediately began. I must say that I LOVE this pattern...It is knit sideways, beginning from the armpit and knitting over to the other armpit. The cast on is provisional (I started with a crochet chain), so after I finish to the left front, I will rip out the crochet chain and knit in the other direction to finish the sweater off. The pattern also has that great waist detailing which is incredibly slimming (who couldn't use some slimming). What I really love is that Jennifer Stafford has built a little leeway into the pattern -- I can make the v-neck as deep as I want, for example.

I'm just so excited. I'll leave you with a picture of my kitties, enjoying their new bed, purchased from Ikea for $5!

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